Monday, 2 February 2009

2009 Show Well on the Way !! New Ideas Considered

Preparations for the Camborne Show 2009 are already well in hand, planning for the Best Ever Show ! At a recent meeting of the Show Society a discussion of new ideas was proposed and accepted as an addition to the agenda of the next meeting. What would you like to see happening at the Show this Year ? Comment here to make your suggestions or Register for website membership to make blog posts like this one

Watch this space for developments !


Anonymous said...

How about Terrier Racing?

Don't know of any events in Cornwall that incorporate this and looks fun for both doggies and spectators.

Helen knowles said...

i think that you should bring back the terrier and lurcher show with racing and coursing as there is little supply for that in cornwall for all those who have dog they want to compete.

Andy K said...

Thanks for your comments. I broached the subject of bringing back terrier racing and coursing at the last nights meeting of the Show society, but unfortunately there was no one present who could organise such an event. However I will pass on your comments to our Companion Dogs secretary who was unable to attend and probably would be the best person to approach. If not Helen, perhaps you might consider it ?

Anonymous said...

Definately terrier racing! Contact the Cury Hunt they run them regularly, it is happening on the monday before at Stithians so am sure they could poss help out on the Sat!