Monday, 21 July 2008

Winning Dogs 2008

BEST IN SHOW - Myra Pearce with Lettee
RESERVE BEST IN SHOW - Sharon Gladwell with Wishes
BEST PUPPY IN SHOW - Nicki Mackie with Lola
BEST IN SHOW QUALIFIER - Kim Allen with Bailey
BEST VETERAN - Carole O'Brien with Polly
BEST NOVELTY - Helen Knowles with Brindle
RESERVE BEST NOVELTY - Carole O'Brien with Polly
Best Rescue/Rehomed - S Jenkin with Mollie
Best Crossbreed - Helen Knowles with Brindle
Best Child Handler - 5-10 years Victoria Pedley with Bosun
Best Child Handler - 11-16 years Kim Allen with Bailey
Best Condition - Mrs L Hosking with Rueben
Best Movement - Janine Withers with Spud
Best Under 15 inches - Richard Mathews with Albert
Best Over 15 inches - Theresa Clark with Diesel
Most Handsome Dog - Helen Knowles with Brindle
Prettiest Bitch - Sam Bolithio with Roxy
Best Shortcoat - Mrs J Taylor with Archie
Best Longcoat - Carol O'Brien with Katie
Most Appealing Eyes - Kyra Hoon with Sky
Best Brace - Tony Madge with Tegan & Chelsea
Judges Favourite - Julie Woodham with Purdy
The show was very well attended taking well over 100 dogs and having as many as 40 dogs in one class.

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